Still Winter (A Ray Bradbury Inspired Post)

5 Aug

“Still winter”

I wrote this over 4 1/2 years ago.

I stepped into the foggy fall air, soaked in what was left of summer. Blushing and vibrant yellow leaves crunched as I made my way through Narnia. I walked slow, slow like a sloth. I wasn’t for sure who I’d meet at the bottom of the big hill. I tiptoed cautiously around the tree roots in hope of not disturbing or alarming my friends with my sudden presence. I followed the stairs toward the bottom of the hill towards Maggie’s, Tom’s and Kala’s voices. But no one was there.

The wind tugged at the leaves, reluctant to leave their branches. I stood there paralyzed, puzzled by the emptiness. Behind me trickled rust water from the large tunnel, once our gateway to something greater. I made my way to the welcoming tree branch, but I was not welcome. I sat down silently, thinking of where the voices had come from.

The sun began to set, and the rays of light glimmered on me. But it was odd, different not right. The darkness swallowed Narnia, it beheaded the trees, and swept the darkness from every root to every branch, leaving me blinded in oblivion only with my memories to water the soil back to life. A tiny ray still smiled at me, and I envisioned everyone standing in the midst of nature and our universal summer, peacefully gazed on love, immortality, drugs and life.

An awkward sensation of a fixed relationship lingered in front of me, sweeping though my body, revitalizing what was no longer. “Is this real?!?” I screamed. “No.” whispered the trees. Click. And I was left alone hovering within darkness consumed by photographic memory.


Inspiration From My Favorite English Teacher

5 Aug

I am from Bare feet, Ninja Turtles, Fanny Packs and Nick Jr.
I am from the over flowing splashes from a horse tank.
I am from pricks from Rose bushes,
Sunflowers and Gardenias that welcome you

I am from Walnut Valley Blue Grass, Freckled Skin
I am from Anne Teesie, and Robert Lee
Yechout and Thatcher
I am from a Mother that know best when to comes to gardening
From “God, I prayed for those skinny long legs, and sticks that resemble me.

I am from CCD, Catholic Youth, and Sacred Heart
I’m from Joyce County Ireland
Scones, and Toad Legs
From the Thomas Edison farms where my Grandfather worked
And the swim suit Motorcyle rides my Mother had.

I am from photos scrapped in a scrap book, place under the antique coffee table
and mixed up in a box with old memories

Rolling with The Punches

26 Sep

Things are constantly changing in my life. I love all of my friends here. But I have got to take risks and move and try new things. I want everything to be so perfect it’s nuts. I know it’s all going to work out. Maybe I’m rushing things. But I am ready to not be in Omaha anymore. I love my family, and my Mom. But I have got to do some new stuff! See new sites.

The last few weeks, I haven’t been the most responsible. But I am trying, to work on that. I know that the risks and things I am about to do I could either benefit from or completely end up hating. I am hoping to benefit from these things. Especially since with each waking minute, I hate my job more and more.

1 MONTH PASSED- and I haven’t got back to this.

September 🙂

Things are getting alot better since I left off here. My birthday was last Sunday, it was awesome. Got to take a small vacation to Des Moines to see Darkest Hour. Hands down the best birthday ever. Jessie & I had a blast, the trip was rainy and shitty. But we got some good windmill photo opps. All I think about is Robert when I see those windmills, especially these ones because they were freakishly close to the road. And I never knew until the way home they blink red in the night time. I figured they would have some sort of light so planes know, but shit, it is nuts seeing a field of 100 windmills some close to the road all blinking red. Creepy and beautiful all at the same time. Windmills are neat. My mind is made up on that.




Life isn’t perfect, life it’s grand.. but shit sometimes you have to roll with the punches. Even if that means getting your ass kicked in the process.

Can’t you just stay here with me forever?

8 Jul

Ween own’s my heart.

Let’s Roll a Tater

7 Jul

Happy 4th of July 2009

Zap & Volt trying to blow us up.

Zap & Volt trying to blow us up.

Voltron getting down with the Smoke Bomb

Voltron getting down with the Smoke Bomb


14 May

I’ve been blessed to see what has been happening in my life. With each moving day, I find myself moving forward rather than backwards. I still have my flaws, yah. But I know what my life is, and what is worth working for and what is not. This summer I plan to be the most exciting and fun summer ever. I need to do things for myself, fuck everyone else. I want to go to St. Louis. I need to go to Boston, and fly planes with Paul. I need to hit up LA and see Henry. Life is far too boring without things to do. This month, the month of May is the busiest month ever. It seems like I have nearly my whole calender written in. Whether, its a birthday, a get together, a show, a festival its filled. The rest of the summer, I want to be like May. Its the beginning. I’m beginning to get what my purpose is here. As stupid as it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever knew.

I know that people come and go, and that you just got to grab life and hold on tight, and see where it takes you. Right now I’m doing just that.

Out of the blue and into the new. Atleast for Today.

We do away with your kind

12 May

I miss writing and pouring my heart out, on a peice of paper. Filling an entire notebook from start to finish, not skipping pages. Writing short stories, poems, songs & scripts. It sucks that I have become so lazy, my hand cramps at writing barely a sentence. But I never fail at typing, I still continue to type better and faster. So, as I sit here at work. I have decided that I am going to begin my next chapter as an online blogger. Yes, its the new rage, its the thing to do. But quite honestly, I miss having something to rant to and write all of my problems, questions, desires, and needs in. When you sit at a computer all day, you don’t really have the time to move and write in a notebook, when focused on this machine. I’m glad my friend Julie, introduced me to this site. I already love the setup and how you change and adjust things, as well as the fact that its FREE. Along with getting to blog post pictures and keep people updated on what exactly is going on in brain. Maybe you could call this wordpress my break through from my years of writers block.. my random spurts and blogs. I hope this will be my cure.